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The dental team at Margaret Madonian, DDS, is nurturing, friendly, funny, experienced and compassionate individuals that are invested in your child's oral health and the relationship with your family. What sets us apart from other pediatric dental offices in the community is that Dr. Madonian welcomes parents in the treatment area of her office. This helps to encourage a trusting relationship with our patients. Our ultimate goal is to foster a healthy generation of young people who have a positive, life-long attitude toward dental care.

Margaret Madonian DDS, with patient

Many children with special needs, such as Autism and developmental delays, require special care. They may be more susceptible to tooth decay, gum disease or oral trauma. Dr. Margaret Madonian has received extensive training to care for children with special needs. She has completed comprehensive education in behavior management, sedation and anesthesia techniques to provide the highest level of dental care for your child.

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We want kids to have a positive dental experience for a life-time of good oral care.

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